When it Comes to Fashionable Fundraisers, We’ve Got it in the Bag!

Mark your calendars! On February 10, 2023, Maria Dorego – a steadfast supporter of St. Joe’s – will be hosting a charitable third-party event that combines bingo dabbers with designer handbags, all in support of the Mental Health and Addictions program at our Hospital.

Our first-ever Purse Bingo is set to take place at St. Naum of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church on Stonechurch Road in Hamilton, and unlike traditional bingo, what makes this event unique is that a fabulous purse is up for grabs during each round of the game!

From super-chic clutches to crossbody bags, don’t miss the chance to win a perfect purse while fun-draising for St. Joe’s! A sincere thank you goes out to Maria and her team of friends and fashionistas who have chosen our Foundation as the beneficiary of this fundraiser.

This event is now sold out.

Event Licence: M856202

Raising funds to help support those carrying the weight of mental illness and addiction

In Canada, 1 in 4 individuals will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, and statistics show that all of us will be touched by it in some way. As the regional lead in mental health and addictions care, St. Joe’s is dedicated to reducing stigma, improving access to care, and raising awareness about the reality of living with mental illness and addiction.

Maria knows firsthand the devastating impact that mental illness can have. In 2017, a friend and student she was mentoring made the decision to take her own life. Unaware that she was struggling with her mental health, Maria felt so much guilt and sadness. After this experience, Maria began taking courses on suicide prevention and made a conscious effort to do whatever she can to help others in our community who may be struggling with mental illness and thoughts of suicide.

Maria’s friend, Greg Williams is a local realtor and our Bingo Caller on February 10th. He, too, has suffered losses due to mental health. Together, through this event, they hope to raise awareness and funds for St. Joe’s to help those in our community who are struggling.

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