Two Century-Old Organizations Partner for the Future of Care

For 100 years, Leggat Auto Group has been helping people to choose the vehicles that will carry them along the road of life. And for 132 years, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has been helping people when the road of life leads them to a place where they may find themselves in need of the care of our Hospital.

From delivering babies to suturing cuts, performing surgeries to providing the very best in mental health care: our community has always been able to count on St. Joe’s. And a new donation from Leggat Auto Group is helping to ensure they’ll be able to count on our Hospital for centuries more to come.

This past Giving Tuesday, Leggat Auto Group announced several donations to benefit charitable causes across the Hamilton and Burlington regions. St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation is pleased to be among the beneficiaries selected and visited the Leggat Chevrolet Cadillac flagship dealership on Fairview Street in Burlington for a cheque presentation last week. Pictured in the photo are Dana Visocchi Rice, Vice-President, Development at St. Joe’s Foundation and Shawn Alam, General Manager, Leggat Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC Burlington.

This $20,000 donation is part of their $100,000 pledge to support the Urologic Robotic Surgery Education and Research Program at St. Joe’s. Led by renowned urologist and robotic surgeon, Dr. Edward Matsumoto, and supported by his colleague and deputy chief of surgery, Dr. Bobby Shayegan, the program aims to provide medical residents with hands-on training on how to use point of care ultrasounds and surgical robots to enhance the care they deliver to patients living with cancers or conditions of the urinary system. The program also uses virtual reality simulations and 3-D printed models of the human anatomy to help medical learners practice and build their skills in a safe, supportive environment before they conduct procedures with patients. This builds confidence, improves safety and enhances traditional models of learning exponentially.

The research and results of this program are so impressive, they’ve been published in peer-reviewed publications such as the Canadian Association of Urology Journal. We’re immensely grateful to Leggat Auto Group for their continued support of urology education, research and innovation at our Hospital. Who says two century-old organizations can’t work together to build the future of care in Hamilton?