Thank you for the Christmas gift!

Each year 3,200 babies are born at St. Joe’s. That’s 3,200 miracles happening right here in the heart of our community. Sometimes, those miracles need to arrive by cesarean section. And although some c-sections are planned, others are urgent decisions made at a moment’s notice.

Before we can get the moms who have delivered by c-section stable and back to doing what matters most – caring for their newborn – we need to monitor them in the recovery room. There, our staff rely on cardiac monitors to keep a close eye on the mother’s heartbeat so they can act quickly if she is in distress.

Thanks to 597 generous St. Joe’s donors, this Christmas we raised $66,004.50 toward the purchase of new cardiac monitors for use in our Birthing Unit recovery room!

All across our three Hospital campuses there is the need to purchase vital equipment, just like the cardiac monitors in our Birthing Unit recovery room. With years of use and improvements to technology, equipment needs to be replaced in order to provide the best in patient care and diagnostics.

Visit today to designate your donation to purchase “Equipment” at St. Joe’s.