Thank You for Helping to Bring MRI Fusion Biopsy to “My Town,” Hamilton!

On Feb. 11, local businessmen Stefano Girgenti, Gabe Macaluso and Matteo Sacco organized a sold-out event at Hamilton’s historic Zoetic Theatre featuring Canadian rock legend and Glass Tiger frontman Alan Frew.

Event proceeds and associated donations tallied nearly $60,000 in funds raised that will help to bring MRI Fusion Biopsy technology to our Hospital. This technology supports the early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer and will complement St. Joe’s leading-edge prostate cancer care, research, and robotic surgery program.

As the regional lead for prostate cancer treatment, surgery and care, and one of only a few centres in Canada with a robotic surgery program, St. Joe’s is recognized internationally as a leader in prostate cancer care innovation.

St. Joe’s patients who undergo robotic prostate cancer surgery have smaller incisions that heal faster, so they can go home sooner. Robotic surgery also reduces blood loss, lowers the chance of infection, and lessens pain and  trauma to the body. Even so, robotic surgery is not funded by the province, and is made possible at St. Joe’s thanks to ongoing donations from the community, and events such as this one.

A big thank you to the event organizers, Alan Frew, sponsors and everyone who attended the benefit concert. Together, you’re helping to bring MRI Fusion biopsy to “My Town,” Hamilton, Ontario!