Support Breast Diagnostics at St. Joe’s and Have Your Donation Matched Dollar-for-Dollar

Cancer doesn’t care if it’s your birthday or the holidays.
Cancer doesn’t care if you’ve done everything right and had your mammograms regularly.
Cancer can still find you.

No one knows this better than Hamilton resident Angela Alexander-Roper. Angela is a wife, a mother of four children, and a grandmother to 13 grandchildren. In March 2022, Angela had her last scheduled mammogram at the age of 73. And everything seemed just fine…for a while.

“In May, I was doing a self-exam and found a lump on my breast. I’m pretty aware of my body, so when I found it, I said to myself, ‘this isn’t right.’ I immediately texted my doctor who set up a breast-imaging ultrasound and follow-up biopsy at St. Joe’s. That’s when I learned I might have breast cancer and would need surgery.

My surgeon at St. Joe’s, Dr. Peter Lovrics, introduced me to a new technology – a magnetic tissue marker that was the size of a sesame seed. Rather than using a low-dose radioactive marker, or inserting a small wire into my breast, Dr. Lovrics implanted a teeny-tiny seed that he said would help to pinpoint the pre-cancerous cells in my breast and help him to remove them with greater precision.”

We may never know when cancer will strike. But we do know that having the right technology here at St. Joe’s can help patients strike back.

That’s why this holiday season, St. Joe’s is raising funds to help bring the latest in breast cancer diagnostic and surgical equipment to our Hospital. Your gift will help to fund items like a Digital Breast Tomosynthesis machine so that we can provide 3-D mammograms to our patients. For patients at higher risk for aggressive cancers that spread quickly, we’re acquiring a breast coil to support MRI screening, too.

Thanks to the Ever Hopeful Fund, YOUR GIFT to help purchase these essential pieces of breast cancer screening technology WILL BE MATCHED, dollar-for-dollar!

Give $50 and it turns into $100.
Give $100 and it turns into $200.
Just like that. Your gift, DOUBLED.

Having the right equipment is essential to providing the very best care to the patients we serve. It’s something that isn’t funded by the operating dollars St. Joe’s receives from the government. That’s why we’re asking for your help. So that St. Joe’s can help patients like Angela to have more holidays with their families.

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