St. Elizabeth Home Society Makes $150,000 Donation to Help St. Joseph’s COVID-19 Pandemic Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the largest public health threats our country has ever faced, and as St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton continues to care for our community and those affected by the virus, the Hospital’s equipment needs are growing and changing with each passing day. St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation has received a new donation of $150,000 from St. Elizabeth Home Society to help St. Joe’s respond to these needs immediately.

$135,000 of this generous donation is already helping St. Joe’s to purchase a new portable x-ray machine that can provide digital images of a patient’s lungs, chest and anatomy right at their bedside. This prevents COVID-positive patients from having to be transported from their room, to the diagnostic imaging department, and then back again—thereby reducing the chances of the patient transmitting the virus to others within the Hospital. Even post-pandemic, this piece of equipment will enable St. Joe’s to perform x-rays on critically ill and frail patients who may not be easily or safely moved from their Hospital bed for these vital imaging procedures.

The remaining $15,000 will help to purchase i-Pads to facilitate virtual visits between patients and their families during this time when no visitor policy is in effect to protect the health of the vulnerable populations we serve. Apps like Face-time, Zoom, Skype, or MSN messenger are helping people stay connected with their loved ones while they receive the care they need at St. Joe’s.

About the donation, Andrea Wappel, Chief Administrative Officer, St. Elizabeth Home Society says,

“As an organization dedicated to serving the needs of our community’s elders, we have witnessed first-hand the level of care and compassion St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has long-provided to our community. Now, more than ever, St. Joe’s needs our support, so they can care for the most sick, the most vulnerable, and help us all to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Sera Filice-Armenio, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation added:

“Over the years, donations from St. Elizabeth Home Society have funded equipment purchases for the Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and supported the renovation of our Integrated Cardiology Service. With this new gift, they are providing St. Joe’s with the specialized technology to care for our patients while making sure we’re also caring for the emotional needs of the people we serve. We’re truly grateful for this remarkable gift, and for our long-standing relationship with St. Elizabeth Home Society.”