RBC Dominion Securities Invests in the Well-Being of Hamilton Youth

Located in the downtown core, St. Joe’s Youth Wellness Centre (YWC) is on the second floor of Hamilton’s historic Pigott Building. The space is decorated with colourful wall murals, art created by youth and young clients, all carrying messages of hope and encouragement and offering a bright and welcoming environment for those aged 17-25 seeking support for their mental health or substance use.

Those teen-to-young-adult years are filled with a lot of transitions – finishing high school, moving on to post-secondary education, starting work, changes in living arrangements and social circles and becoming more independent. This is often when mental health symptoms begin to arise and the demand for mental health services steadily increases.

The YWC has a number of group therapy programs that help to address these needs including drop-in art programs that provide a creative outlet for self-expression, improv classes to build confidence and enhance communication skills, and group therapy sessions offering a safe space for sharing, learning from and healing with others.

This month, RBC Dominion Securities made a donation of $5,500 to support the YWC’s greatest needs, ensuring that these programs can reach more young people and provide them with the care and resources they need, when and where they need it. These funds will help purchase program supplies and aid in the development of resources and group manuals to reach more young people.

This photo was taken in front of the YWC’s “Progress Wall,” where youth can add flower-shaped notes to a tree mural to celebrate their progress and what they’ve accomplished. Left to right: Dr. Taylor Hatchard, Clinical and Research Lead, Manager of the Youth Wellness Centre; Mark Brogno, Director, Special Events and Community Partnerships at St. Joe’s Foundation; Robert Thomson, Senior Portfolio Manager, Financial Planner, and FEA at Thomson Wealth of RBC Dominion Securities; Garth R. Lauer, Branch Director, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.; Glen McBarron, Associate Investment Advisor at RBC Dominion Securities.