Priority Needs During COVID-19

Our hospital has an increasing amount of priority needs to help manage the COVID-19 crisis ranging from Critical and Emergency Care, Infections Control, Portable Equipment to prevent transmission of the Virus and Compassion and Patient Comfort.

The Foundation is accepting any gracious donations which can help us facilitate and grant these much-needed priority items. See below for more information.

Priority Needs for St. Joe’s:

Critical and Emergency Care

  • Additional beds, mattresses and furniture for the surge of COVID patients expected
  • Optiflow machines to help COVID patients breathe better
  • Disposable ventilation devices
  • Glidescopes to assist with intubation of patients who need to be put on a ventilator
  • Laptops on wheels to use in patient rooms for charting patient information and monitoring progress

Infection Control

  • Personal Protective Equipment to protect our staff and patients from infection
  • UV Light to help disinfect rooms
  • Portable High Efficiency Particulate Air filter machines that can easily be moved around the Hospital and create negative pressure isolation rooms
  • Isolation carts to store supplies and reduce the risk of pathogen transmission between patients and Hospital staff
  • Plexiglass to be installed in public areas of the Hospital to create physical distancing and avoid infection

Portable Equipment to prevent transmission of the Virus

  • Upgrade of portable X-Ray machine from film to digital to allow precise images that go directly to the Radiologist for quick diagnosis and treatment
  • New portable X-Ray machine to increase capacity and provide service to many areas of the Hospital

COVID-19 Related Research

  • Our researchers are working on ways to speed up COVID-19 research
  • We are also examining the effectiveness of Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers

Compassion and Patient Comfort

  • It can be difficult to cover the costs of the “little things” that make a big difference to the patients we are honoured to serve. Funds towards compassion and patient comfort will help us support our patients by providing the extra layer of care and security they need during this difficult time.


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