Emeria's Story

I had been blessed with good health all of my life. In fact, until last summer, I had never even been to a hospital. However, I had developed a terrible cough that started during a trip to Florida, and just wouldn’t go away. I was scared. My doctor did some tests and sent me for biopsies and they kept coming back negative or inconclusive. But I just knew that something was wrong.

When I was referred to St. Joe’s, I was nervous … scared of what I might find out and what might happen next. I was lucky enough to meet with Dr. Colin Schieman, one of the nicest doctors I have ever met. He is part of the internationally-renowned team at St. Joseph’s Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health. With Dr. Schieman, I felt safe, well taken care of and confident that I was in the best hands possible. He discovered a spot on my lung that turned out to be cancerous but in three short weeks, I went from coughing…to cancer…to cured!

When Dr. Schieman found a spot on my lung he said, “It might be cancer.”  I was somewhat relieved that someone had finally found the cause of my pain and constant coughing, but devastated by the possibility of having cancer. He gave me several options to consider and I decided to go ahead with surgery to have the spot removed. I felt that regardless of whether the spot was cancerous or not, it had to go.

Dr. Schieman and my nurses were compassionate, helpful and even made me laugh. Who would have thought that the place I was so scared to go would leave me with such an overwhelming feeling of reassurance and calm?! Even after I left the hospital, I could call my nurse navigator, Anna Tran, ask her a question whenever I had one and she answered me right away. She helped me understand my condition, how to recover from it, and move past it.

Dr. Schieman and Anna are my St. Joe’s Miracle Workers and I was thrilled to thank them in a special way. I wrote a note to each of them and they received a wing-shaped lapel pin from the Hospital to show that they deliver impeccable care to people like me. Not only did I get to say thanks, with my donation, I’m also helping St. Joe’s so that other people can be sure that, regardless of what is ailing them, St. Joe’s will be there. The Hospital was there for me when I needed it most and I am forever grateful.




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