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Over the past five years, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation has shown tremendous growth in revenue and community support. As we transition from our historic Timeless Care, Tomorrow’s Discoveries Campaign and we chart the Foundation’s course for the future, we have undertaken the development of a five-year Strategic Plan.

Our strategic planning effort was organized around four questions:

  • Who are we?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • How can we get there?
  • And how will we define success?

The Foundation’s new Strategic Plan:

  • Refines our Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Highlights four key Strategic Directions with corresponding goals.

We believe that these directions and goals will position us well for sustainable growth in revenue and brand awareness by building on the strengths of our current programs, introducing new strategic programs and partnerships and promoting St. Joseph’s reputation and brand. This strategic plan will be important to our Foundation’s continued success in the highly competitive sector of charitable fundraising. Underlying these goals is a commitment to serve the funding needs of the Hospital and to ensure the optimum donor journey. After all, providing a rewarding donor experience is pivotal to our reputation and encouraging donor loyalty. In addition, we are committed to applying an ethical and donor-centric lens to all activities and operations in order to establish our Foundation as a leading healthcare charity of choice in our region, and in Canada.

We invite you to join us in realizing these goals.



St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation raises and stewards funds to support exemplary patient care, research and education at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and in the communities we are honoured to serve.


To be a healthcare charity of choice in our region and a leader in healthcare philanthropy in Canada.


Consistent with the values of our Founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton:

  • We honour and respect the commitment of all donors, friends, partners and volunteers to the Foundation.
  • We are committed to ethical fundraising, exemplary stewardship and accountability to our donors and the community.
  • We value our employees and provide an atmosphere for personal and professional fulfillment.
  • We value innovation and efficiency in our activities.



Telling the St. Joe's Story

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has a proud history of serving the healthcare needs of Hamilton and beyond. It is home to: exceptional
patient care; internationally renowned clinicians and researchers; innovative technology; world firsts in both clinical care and research
discovery; and excellent educational opportunities. Gifts from our donors help to make all of these incredible things possible. We are committed to sharing these St. Joe’s stories with the broader community in order to:

  • Position St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation as a trusted healthcare charity of choice in our region that is a thoughtful and ethical steward of all donations, regardless of size, scope or designation.
  • Create awareness of St. Joseph’s funding priorities within the context of its role as a regional and national leader in areas of established clinical and research excellence. This will help the Foundation attract donations from individuals, grateful patients, foundations, industry and other constituents locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Build and enhance the St. Joseph’s brand as a leader in patient care, research and education, rooted in our Founders’ legacy of service, that is deserving of the community’s support and investment. This brand enhancement will be achieved in collaboration with the Hospital’s marketing strategies.


Growing Programs with the Highest Return on Investment

We are committed to investing in the development and growth of those programs with the potential for the highest financial and reputational return on investment. This will involve evaluating current and new programs against critical success factors, with these key objectives:

  • Broaden our reach to identify, secure and renew multi-year leadership-level gifts and pledges from major donors with an interest in and affinity toward St. Joseph’s patient care, research and education programs.
  • Expand and diversify our annual fund programs to renew and acquire donors and secure overall increased investment, creating a reliable source of revenue for the Foundation and for the Hospital while establishing a platform upon which to build the potential for new leadership supporters.
  • Strategically grow our signature events and community engagement programs to show increased revenue, enhanced hospital/foundation brand awareness and increased community involvement in our cause.


Nurturing and Developing Strategic Partnerships

Over the past several years, the Foundation has forged many strong partnerships with individuals, organizations, community groups, and
businesses. Moving forward, we will nurture current partnerships while attracting new partners who share our values and have a vested interest in supporting St. Joseph’s. Our goals are to:

  • Identify community, regional, and national partners who are aligned with our mission, vision, and values and share an interest in our fundraising priorities.
  • Attract and expand the number of partnerships that will result in increased revenue, and enhanced profile and reputation for our Foundation and the Hospital we support.
  • Develop long-term, multi-faceted, and mutually beneficial relationships with these partners through our diverse fundraising programs and events so that they become both supporters and ambassadors of St. Joe’s.


Inspiring Innovation & Efficiency

As a charitable Foundation with a commitment to fiscal responsibility and philanthropic leadership, we will investigate new programs, evaluate current programs, and streamline processes to align with best practices in healthcare fundraising. We will diversify our programs to ensure a stable revenue stream for the Hospital. With the principles of Innovation and Efficiency as our guiding compass, we will:

  • Integrate efficiency and value optimization into the Foundation’s operations and build continuous improvement into every process while providing a positive and rewarding donor experience.

  • Utilize diverse and meaningful measures to examine the return on fundraising investment to assess current programs and evaluate the potential of new practices and novel fundraising ideas.

  • Invest in programs, technology, people, and training to align us with best practices and leading technology in the fundraising industry, and apply an ethical, transparent, and donor-centric lens to all Foundation activities.



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