Making the Case and the Space for Diagnostic Imaging

Speedier Diagnoses Mean the Best Chance at Recovery

Just about every patient who is cared for at St. Joe’s will need a diagnostic imaging test or procedure – because to diagnose what our patients are feeling on the outside, we need to see what’s happening on the inside. So whether it’s an X-ray or an EKG, a CT Scan or an MRI, these remarkable pieces of technology are absolutely essential to providing the very best care to our community.

A speedy and accurate diagnosis can make all the difference to a patient by ensuring we’re prescribing the right treatment or care pathway, as soon as possible. This year, in addition to raising funds for essential diagnostic imaging equipment, we’re also hoping to provide renovation funding in order to create space for a third CT Suite at our Charlton Campus – one that will be integrated into the Emergency Department at St. Joe’s. Because we know when patients are fighting for their lives, every single second counts.

CT Scans can detect everything from life-threatening blood clots in the lungs to brain hemorrhaging. They can identify hidden internal injuries, diagnose acute appendicitis or locate internal bleeding caused by car accidents or other traumas.

Having an additional CT Scanning Suite won’t just help the patients who arrive at our Emergency Room. The additional scanner will help our team of radiologists to identify and determine what stage of cancer a patient may have, support CT-guided cancer biopsies and provide cancer treatments, too. Last, but certainly not least, a third CT Suite will help to reduce wait times for diagnostic imaging procedures in the community we’re honoured to serve. Support speedier, more accurate diagnoses with a gift to fund Diagnostic Imaging at St. Joe’s.