How Your Holiday Gifts are Helping our Hospital

In response to our holiday direct mail appeal, nearly 1,000 people made donations to our Hospital and had their gifts matched dollar-for-dollar by an anonymous supporter known as the Ever Hopeful Fund. Your generous gifts made online, through the mail and over the phone were matched for double the impact – and together, we raised a remarkable $235,000 for St. Joe’s. Today we’re writing to let you know how your donations are already making a difference at the Hospital.

More Supplies and Equipment

The donations you made to our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund and COVID-19 Equipment Fund will allow us to grant funds to the Hospital to help with their most urgent pandemic-related needs. Right now, those needs include funding for infection control supplies to prevent the spread of infection and grants to help purchase more hospital beds, vital sign monitors, or opti-flow breathing devices for our dedicated COVID-19 care units.

More Mental Health Care

The donations you made to our COVID-19 Mental Health Fund are helping St. Joe’s to care for the mental health of our community as we all try to cope with the impact of long-lasting feelings of fear, anxiety, and depression due to the pandemic and the physical distancing measures in place to slow its spread. Your donations to this fund are also helping our Hospital to provide mental health care for frontline workers and healthcare providers who are working so hard and witnessing the devastation this virus can cause day after day.

Research that Matters

Gifts to COVID-19 Research are funding projects that examine the efficacy of different types of masks, ones that look at ways to speed up and expand rapid COVID-19 testing, and ones that are documenting the long-term effects COVID-19 may have on other parts of the body—from our hearts to our brain function and more.

These are just a few examples of how your donations are already helping our Hospital to continue our brave fight against COVID-19. On behalf of the patients we serve, and on behalf of our care-providers who are so grateful for your help, we express our heartfelt thanks. Please rest assured every gift to St. Joe’s is being used according to our donors’ wishes to address our Hospital’s highest needs.