Ugly Holiday Sweaters for St. Joe’s

It’s become a classic holiday wardrobe staple – the festive sweater. The tackier and uglier the better! Now your ugly holiday sweater can support St. Joe’s, too! Here are some fun ideas on how your local business can engage your staff in giving back to the Hospital that has been caring for our community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Whether you’re in the office or working from home; on the frontlines or working in a retail/food service shop, our Sweaters for St. Joe’s Campaign has an activation for you. Run your campaign anytime during the month of December. All funds raised will support mental health services at St. Joe’s.

  1. Donations at the Checkout
    Customers are invited to “round-up” or make a nominal donation to St. Joe’s while paying for their purchase. We’ll provide you with branded “ugly sweater” cards that can be signed by customers and displayed in your business.
  2. Percentage of Proceeds
    Alternatively, you can choose to donate a percentage of sales or percentage of proceeds on a particular product to St. Joe’s. Choose a timeframe in December that works best for your business. It could be one day, a week or all month long.
  3. Ugly Holiday Sweater Day
    Invite your staff to make a donation to St. Joe’s and wear a holiday sweater on a dedicated day. Alternatively, make a donation on behalf of your business and share news of the gift you made in their honour and ask them to celebrate by wearing their favourite festive sweater. Don’t forget to take a group photo in your office or as you gather virtually and St. Joe’s will share it with our followers on social media to let our community know you’re helping our Hospital.
  4. Holiday Sweater Colouring Contest
    Don’t love wearing tacky sweaters? Why not colour one instead! Download our ugly holiday sweater template and share it with your staff. Encourage them to participate in the creative colouring contest and let them know the company is making a nominal donation to St. Joe’s for each entry in the contest. Post your entries on Twitter or Instagram tagging @STJOESHAMILTON for some great user-generated holiday content.

Why Participate?

The Advantage of Philanthropy

  • A recent report by The Upside Foundation found that 70% of Canadians are more likely to purchase from companies that support charities, with 81% of Canadians agreeing that all companies should give back.

You Will Have Our Support! St. Joe’s will…

  • Provide a one-pager to display explaining how funds raised will support St. Joe’s.
  • Celebrate and share your participation on social media and our Foundation website
  • Provide speaking points and training for your staff so they can easily speak to customers about why your organization is supporting St. Joe’s this holiday season

Why Support this Initiative?

The Holidays aren’t always easy – that’s why all funds raised will support mental health & addiction programs at St. Joe’s.

Whether someone is grieving the recent loss of a loved one as the holidays approach, or feeling the anxiety that can come with the financial stresses of the season, here at St. Joe’s we know that the holidays can sometimes be hard on people. That’s why all funds raised through the Ugly Sweaters for St. Joe’s Campaign will support the mental health and addictions services St. Joe’s provides for our community. If someone you care about is experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction, schizophrenia, dementia or another condition, our care teams have the experience and the expertise to help— no matter what mental health concern brings them to our doors.

We’re In – How Do We Sign Up?

  • To become a part of ‘Ugly Holiday Sweaters for St. Joe’s’ please contact Adam Tillich at or 905-870-5417
  • Share what activation interests you so we can discuss details and timing