Supporting Equipment Renewal at St. Joe's

For 126 years and counting, St. Joe’s has been a leading provider of compassionate, innovative healthcare for our community, and we’ve always relied on state-of-the-art equipment to help make this possible. From stethoscopes to heart monitors, wheelchairs to dialysis machines, equipment is essential for everything that we do. It has the power to improve patient outcomes, create efficiencies in our work, and enhance the treatments we provide.

But with regular wear and tear and technological advancements, we often need to update our tools to make sure that we can continue providing our community with the best care possible. While some of this equipment is covered by the provincial healthcare budget, we simply cannot meet all of our needs with this funding alone. Instead, we count on the generous support of our donors and friends to help us equip our Hospitals and ultimately, carry on our legacy of compassionate care. 

Help us purchase leading edge equipment with a gift to St. Joe’s today! 

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