And Our Third Early Bird Winner Is… (Drum Roll Please)

On Dec. 29 at noon, we drew the winning ticket for our THIRD and BIGGEST Early Bird prize yet – $2,500 CASH! Sharon M. of Dundas is the lucky holder of the winning ticket for our final Early Bird prize: A-1433384. Sharon was ecstatic to learn she won an Early Bird prize and plans to use some of her winnings to support the Hospital in the heart of Hamilton.

“I’ll definitely be giving back to St. Joe’s Foundation as a thank you for this Early Bird win,” Sharon says.

If you didn’t take home an Early Bird prize, don’t worry! You still have the chance to WIN BIG & DO GOOD. The take home prize in our progressive Holiday Wishes 50/50 is already over $47,000 and will keep growing until Jan. 3 at midnight. So, there’s still time to buy MORE TICKETS and increase your odds of winning!

  • $10 = 10 TICKETS
  • $40 = 160 TICKETS (BEST VALUE)

The GRAND PRIZE DRAW for the JACKPOT is on Jan. 4 and you could be the lucky winner taking home $50,000, $60,000 or EVEN MORE CASH! Say goodbye to 2021 and start the new year off right! Get your Holiday Wishes 50/50 Lottery tickets today.

Please join us in wishing Sharon a warm congratulations! Sharon is a winner, and so is our community! Because, when you play Holiday Wishes, half of all ticket sales make up the jackpot, while the other half supports St. Joe’s and the care our Hospital provides to our patients.

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The Holiday Wishes 50/50 Lottery is operated by St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation under licence #RAF1224796 issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The winning ticket for Early Bird Prize #3 (A-1433384) was drawn using an automated, randomized number generation system including all verified online ticket purchases made before midnight on Dec. 28, 2021.