Strategic Plan

2018-2023 Strategic Plan

Because of you, we enable hope, healing and discovery at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. We remain committed to serving the needs of the Hospital and our community. We remain committed to our donors and to sharing the impact that we will – together – have on the good health of our community today and in the future.

We invite you to join us in our journey.


St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has a proud history of serving the healthcare needs of those in Hamilton and beyond. And our donors have been a vital part of that history. By sharing stories of hope, healing and discovery, we will motivate and inspire the community to rally in support of St. Joseph’s and the best in healthcare. Building St. Joseph’s brand through stories of impact will encourage increased community investment, broaden our reach and engage St. Joe’s ambassadors and donors.


Our supporters and donors empower the worldclass clinical care, research and education taking place at St. Joe’s. Each has a personal reason for supporting St. Joe’s and we are honoured to be the beneficiary of their commitment to our Hospital. We aim to build warm, long-term relationships with our supporters and donors. We are committed to providing an exemplary donor experience so they feel welcomed, informed, appreciated, recognized and respected at all points in their journey with us.

Nurture & Diversify

We value the strong partnerships we have forged with individuals, organizations, community groups, businesses and Hospital staff who have an interest in our fundraising priorities and in supporting St. Joseph’s. While nurturing current partnerships, we also aim to diversify our relationships by attracting new partners who are aligned to our mission, vision and values. As we build our community-based partnerships, we will ensure all of our relationships are mutually beneficial, resulting in increased support and higher profile for both the Hospital and Foundation. As well, we will welcome into the St. Joe’s family new supporters and ambassadors who can share in our story.


As the demands on healthcare increase, so too will the reliance on fundraising to support the best in patient care, vital equipment, innovative research studies and facility enhancement. We are committed to maximizing our support of the Hospital through a robust, diversified fundraising plan centred on growth and sustainability of our revenue streams. This will include continual evaluation of our current programs, the introduction of new  ones, and a focus on activity with the highest financial and reputational return on investment.

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