Meet Our 2020 Shoppers LOVE. YOU. Run for Women Community Champion: Erin Dunham

“Because of my experience, I’ve decided to join in the Shoppers Drug Mart LOVE. YOU. Run for Women. All the money raised in Hamilton is going straight to St. Joe’s to support women’s mental health programming.”

We are so proud to have Erin Dunham as our 2020 Run for Women Community Champion, and are thrilled to share the story about her experience with our West 5th Campus’ mental health services.

Erin is the CEO and co-owner of Hamilton-based hospitality group The Other Bird, the parent company behind a family of unique dining and hospitality destinations in Hamilton, including: OddsThe MuleBurroHunter & Co.Rapscallion Comfort Kitchen, and Arlington Hotel.

You can learn more about the Run for Women and watch Erin’s video here.