25 Years | 2,000 Grants | $865,000 in Funding

One of the Longest Running Programs at our Foundation Supports the Education of Hospital Staff

It’s well known that St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation raises funds to help the Hospital to purchase vital equipment, fund research studies and renew patient care areas – but did you know one of our long-standing priorities is supporting the continuing education of Hospital staff?

Over the past 25 years, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation has funded over 2,000 grants to employees of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton totaling more than $865,000. While it may not be a program you’ve heard a lot about, we’re immensely proud of it because it’s one of the most meaningful ways we give back to the Hospital staff who give so much of themselves to care for others.

Plus, encouraging and supporting the further development of Hospital staff helps to ensure that St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton can continue to provide the very best care for our community.

In August, November and March, staff enrolled in continuing education courses offered outside of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton are encouraged to submit an application for a Staff Education Grant using the instructions, form and handy checklist available on MyStJoes. The managers of individual staff education grant applicants review their applications prior to submitting them to the Foundation, and the Organizational Development team in Human Resources partners with the Foundation on the award administration process. Staff can apply up to three times per year and can receive up to a maximum of $1,000 in grant funding annually.

From time to time, recipients of the St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation Staff Education Grants will send us a letter or an email to impart how much they appreciate the support. Here’s an excerpt from a recent email from Keeley Powell, a mental health worker at our Hospital who recently completed an online course in health ethics and issues offered through the University of Waterloo.

“I wanted to take this opportunity and thank the Foundation for this privilege and financial assistance. It makes a significant difference in our lives and significantly helps in terms of allowing us to pursue our academic and professional advancements. Many, many thanks for this grant money as I feel I work harder in each course knowing that I have been provided with this gift.”

The St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation Staff Education Grants are made possible by fundraising through the Jeans for St. Joe’s Program and from the support of our generous community of donors and friends.